Friday, 18 November 2011


No, that’s not how the group have rated the course so far, its how many weeks we’ve been meeting! Hard to believe that we are nearly at the end. With just two future sessions the pressure is on to organise an exhibition to share our experiences and show the new material that we’ve uncovered that can add to the archaeological record. (Watch this space for details of the exhibition).

The work that we’ve undertaken over the last weeks and months will also be used to lead a walk for the Forgotten Landscapes Project from the Iron works to Hills Pit in the New Year, more information on that one from the FLP team in due course.

We haven’t completed this course yet but we’re already looking at what we can do next year. It won’t be Time Team, (it’ll be better) but we are hoping to get down and dirty and excavate one of the sites covered by our walk. It takes planning to get all the consents in place and make sure the site is safe and vegetation cleared without too much disturbance to the local fauna. To be ready to go by the summer will mean getting things moving early in the New Year if not sooner!

Last but not least over a well earned cuppa, what no course can do without, discussions became heated over where to hold the end of course function. Wherever it is we’ll probably laugh a lot, no change there then.


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